Now that you know all about TAP cards and how to use it, we have a tip about how to manage it. Do you know that moment when you don’t remember how many days you have left on your transit pass or how much stored value you still have? Well, that scenario can be easily solved by registering your TAP card into and managing your account online.

If you need a refresher on how to buy a TAP card, see our earlier post.

We are going to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of creating an account and how you can manage your cards.


  • You can add passes and stored value online
  • In case you misplace your card, you can cancel it and transfer your active pass to another card
  • You can track the expiration date of your transit passes
  • You can track the amount of stored value you have in each card
  • You can track the expiration date of the cards


There is no real disadvantage of creating the account, but there are some disadvantages of purchasing products online.

When purchasing online:

  • Passes and Store value takes up to 48 hours to be credited to your TAP card
  • TAP cards can take up to a month to arrive at your address

Great! Now it is time to create your account and manage your cards. Follow the steps below and contact us if you have any question.

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Click on “Create Account”

Step 3: Fill out your information and click on “Submit”. You will receive an email with further instructions.

Step 4: Now that you have an account, login and click on “My TAP cards”.

The “My TAP card” page will be the place you go to manage your cards and passes. The first  option you have is to purchase a new TAP card. This card will be mailed to your address and can take up to a month to reach you. Attention! If you are purchasing a new TAP card, you need to click on your cart and pay the $2 it automatically generates by clicking on the “purchase card” button.

In case you already have a TAP card, you can select the second option and register an existing TAP card. You will need to create a name for you card, such as “TAP card with a heart sticker” and type the digits you find on the bottom-right of the back of your TAP card. Pro tip: glue a sticker on your card or something that allows you to identify which card it is (if you have more than one TAP card).

Your third option on this page (bottom-left) is to manage your active cards. After you register your TAP cards, they will show up as a list in this area (where you can see my “Bike” card in the image below). You can click on the “ – “ to delete cards and check the active passes and stored value in each card you own. In this area, you can also buy regional and agency passes or add store value. By clicking on the 3 lines on top of the store value section you can rename your card, see your TAP card history, or report lost or stolen card.

Your final option on this page is to manage your TAP wallet. By clicking on the pink “TAP Wallet” link you can add credit/debit cards, check your cash balance, and add a PayPal account. These payment options can be used to pay for your purchase in the website and also for some programs, as Metro Bike.

Do you have more tips or questions about Contact us and let us know.