Planning a trip in Los Angeles County can be confusing. More than 50 municipal and private transit operators serve the region, and sometimes the best route incorporates a combination of multiple providers, walking, biking or sharing a ride!

We recommend using a trip planner like Google Maps, the Transit App or Citymapper to map your journey and choose the best route from the various options.

Looking for the quickest way to get to Warner Center right now? Try Citymapper:

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Benefits of using online trip planners

  1. Plan your trip by mode and get accurate travel estimates whether you are driving, walking, biking or riding transit.
  2. See detailed transit information including service provider, number of stops, and time estimates.
  3. Use the schedule explorer to see options based on day and time.
  4. Plan your route from home or start/end your trip at the nearest preferred transit stop.
  5. Send your journey information to your phone or share with a friend.

We are here to help! We offer members personalized trip planning. Contact Us with your trip planning questions and we will do our best to help you understand your options.