5 Easy Steps for Riding the Bus in LA

There are plenty of reasons to try public transit in the City of Angels. The transit system in LA can be an excellent option whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate the stress caused by traffic jams, or … Continued

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Taking Transit to your Favorite Destinations

From instagrammable locales to world renowned museums and state-of-the-art sports arenas, there are a plethora of venues in and around LA that you can travel to via transit. Over the past few months we have posted simple, step-by-step instructions to … Continued


Rules of the road for electric scooters

In the last two years, electric for-hire scooters have sprung up in Los Angeles communities from the Westside to Downtown. Now, they have finally been making their way to the Valley where they can provide users with an affordable, convenient, … Continued

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How to take your bike on a Metro bus

Have you ever seen someone board a Metro Bus after skillfully loading their bicycle onto the rack at the front of the vehicle, and wondered how it’s done? Using our tips on how to safely use the bike racks attached … Continued

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Rules of the Road for Bicyclists

“It’s like riding a bike: once you learn, you never really forget…” Despite the classic expression, sometimes the rules for riding your bike can be a little harder to remember. That’s why we have brought you this post. To make … Continued


TAPtogo.net Overview

Now that you know all about TAP cards and how to use it, we have a tip about how to manage it. Do you know that moment when you don’t remember how many days you have left on your transit … Continued

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How to Use Google Maps for Transit

Going to a place for the first time can be scary because you’ve never taken that path before. If you are driving, you will probably use your GPS to help you with the route, but what some people don’t know … Continued


How to buy a TAP card

Tickets to local and express buses can be purchased in cash upon entering the bus, but Metro rail lines and bus rapid transit lines (such as the orange line) require a TAP card to ride. Having a TAP card also … Continued

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Lunch-time Options Around the Warner Towers

Happy Wednesday! It is almost lunchtime, and that means that we’re half-way through the week. It is the perfect time to grab lunch with friends to break up the week! We know that choosing a location can be hard and … Continued