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Keeping Public Transit Safe and Clean

Some of our followers have shared concerns about the safety and cleanliness of riding the bus or train during the pandemic. Rest assured that public transit providers serving Warner Center and beyond have significantly buffed up their cleaning standards and … Continued


5 Tips for Telecommuting

For a lot of us, this could be our first experience with telecommuting. Working from home can bring all kinds of benefits – for you and the environment – but it can also bring distractions and isolation if you don’t … Continued


Warner Center Walk Audit on November 21

Walk to Lunch with us! Warner Center Transit Hublocated on Owensmouth Ave. between Oxnard and Erwin Thursday, November 21 11:00am-2:00pm On Thursday, November 21 we will host a “walk audit” event to help move Warner Center closer to becoming a more … Continued

Carpool Lane

Top 5 Benefits of Carpooling

Have you been saying “it’s time for a change” since your last New Year’s resolution? We all want to reduce our carbon footprints, increase the amount of non-virtual interactions we share with friends and family, and save time on our … Continued


5 Major Transit Projects in the Valley

Thanks to hard work and innovative thinking from Metro, the Valley’s leaders and its community members, there will be some serious transportation developments for the region. We know it can get a little difficult keeping track of all the huge … Continued


5 Easy Steps for Riding the Bus in LA

There are plenty of reasons to try public transit in the City of Angels. The transit system in LA can be an excellent option whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate the stress caused by traffic jams, or … Continued

Metro Orange Line

Taking Transit to your Favorite Destinations

From instagrammable locales to world renowned museums and state-of-the-art sports arenas, there are a plethora of venues in and around LA that you can travel to via transit. Over the past few months we have posted simple, step-by-step instructions to … Continued


Rules of the road for electric scooters

In the last two years, electric for-hire scooters have sprung up in Los Angeles communities from the Westside to Downtown. Now, they have finally been making their way to the Valley where they can provide users with an affordable, convenient, … Continued

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How to take your bike on a Metro bus

Have you ever seen someone board a Metro Bus after skillfully loading their bicycle onto the rack at the front of the vehicle, and wondered how it’s done? Using our tips on how to safely use the bike racks attached … Continued